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About Sonabrae

Welcome to the Sonabrae line of pregnancy skin care products and goods – including the only patented stretch mark cream in the world! Sonabrae was founded by Dr. Scott a board-certified obstetrician/gynecologist. He brings the experience of years of patient care to this superior line of health care products to help pregnant moms look and feel their best during and after pregnancy.

The Sonabrae brand was developed as a direct response to the needs expressed by Dr. Scott’s patients. Many pregnant moms battle with unattractive stretch marks and inquired about a stretch mark formula that really works. Sonabrae Stretch Mark Cream is the next generation of stretch mark creams that help’s battle those uncomfortable and unsightly lines. Pregnant women also experience many aches and pains associated with their pregnancy as their bodies grow and change. Sonabrae Muscle Relief Cream is a natural formula that will decrease muscle soreness safely for mom and baby.

This patented and highly sought after Sonabrae line of products is currently being used in many Ob/Gyn offices and is now making its debut to the public on-line and in specialty retail locations.

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