Stretch Mark Creme

SonaBrae Stretch Mark Creme – the only patented stretch mark cream in the world!

Stretch marks are caused by the overstretching and tearing of the middle layer of skin called the dermis, which is responsible for helping the skin keep its shape. Some common causes of this stretching include rapid growth as in adolescence, weight gain, and pregnancy. Stretch marks first appear as purple or reddish lines in areas of the body where high amounts of fat are stored such as the abdomen, upper arms, breasts,

There are several treatments for stretch marks including surgery and laser therapy, both of which are invasive and costly. SonaBrae Stretch Mark Creme offers an alternative to these treatments that also prevents stretch marks from forming in the first place. SonaBrae combines several key ingredients that help to reconstruct extracellular matrix components by boosting collagen and elastin, thereby producing a wound healing effect. This formula reduces skin tension and diminishes the appearance of existing stretch marks while preventing the formation of new ones.